Google Code-in 2016

Google Code-in

The Google Code-in is a yearly contest which challenges students from the age of 14 to 17 to do various kinds of tasks for different open-source organisations. The tasks range from setting up an app to designing a logo for new software. Every task has a small description and a timeframe in which you'd have to complete it. You also get a mentor on each task to help you with potential problems.

Choose a task

Tasks are chosen from a list of available tasks, sorted per orginization.

Choose a task

You can than claim the task on the task page, which also gives you a small desciption of the task.

Choose a task

You are than able to chat with the mentors of your current task or submit the files you've worked on.

This has been the first time I participated in a Google Code-in. At first I didn’t really know what to think about it as I found out about it as a coincidence when the contest had already started and had never heard of it before. I think that’s unfortunate as I would have loved to participate when I was younger but just wasn’t able to find something like this.

Because of the short notice I also wasn’t really clear with the contest rules, for example the limited number of beginner tasks and prizes were a bit unclear to me at first but reading the contest rules helped me with that.

After figuring everything out I decided to try my best to make as many quality tasks as possible at one organisation so I would maybe make it as a finalist. I choose to go with SCoRe lab as their tasks seemed to fit me the most.

I think it was a great experience to do tasks for the organisations like this as you will get familiar with working for other people and companies which will be very useful in the future. I also learnt a lot from the mentors I had for the different tasks, for example about new technologies and application I had never heard of but will definitely consider using in the future. I want to thank Google and the mentors for offering me that experience and making it possible for everyone to win something.

Some examples of tasks I completed:

Example task

Logo for Kute app.

Example task

Logo for Web-RTC Conference.

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